Caitlin Boggs

Major: Biology

Minor: Pre-Health Professions Certificate

Fun Fact: I work at a Bat Refuge!  

Vice President

Josh Loesch 

Major: Economics

Minor: Elements of Computing

Fun Fact: Mediterranean food is my life

Professional Development Officer

Juan Gonzalez

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: I've lived in 5 different cities/countries

Marketing and Membership Development Officer

Wayde Adler

Major: Corporate Communications

Minor: Business Foundations

Fun Fact: I have two pet giant tortoises and love to go hiking!

Fundraising Coordinator

Thomas Birdsong

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: I'm a big fan of any and all dogs

Service Coordinator

Ashley Gelato (Gelato)

Major: History

Fun Fact: I fence epee here at UT, and in my spare time I sing and play ukulele!

Past Presidents

Liz Oppenheim

Reid Luedecke

Ivy Khuc

Icela Lee

Caitlin Boggs


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